3 BIG Reasons The Salesperson Paradox is Different



It teaches you how to create solutions NOT sell products and services…

  • It’s essential - This is how customers (just like you and I) buy today. 
  • It’s transferable – Doesn't matter what industry you’re in – finance, healthcare, entrepreneurship, insurance, real estate, direct selling, business-to-business, or retail.
  • It’s actionable – Includes a FREE workbook with all frameworks, tools, and guides from the book.

It leverages, embraces, and showcases the power of simplicity

  • It's easy to reproduce in your life and business. It's sticky.
  • It keeps you engaged and interested. It's fun.
  • It’s fast paced and easily consumable. It wastes no time.

It’s battle-tested, verified, and proven to work…

  • Doug has personally utilized every strategy, tactic, and tip in this book.
  • Doug has researched and studied the best in the world to certify every strategy, tactic, and tip in this book.
  • Doug has had a successful selling career spanning over twelve years, three industries, and two fortune 500 companies.