What I've Learned From Bill Belichick

As many of you may know I am avid New York Giants fan so what I am about to say next might surprise some of you.  I admire the New England Patriots.  Okay, so I'll admit it's a little easier to say because we've beat them in two Super Bowls, ha!  However, no way does that takeaway from the importance of this tremendous learning opportunity.  I think that ALL businesses and leaders should be taking note of culture in that organization and more specifically the leadership displayed by their head coach Bill Belichick.  The man behind it all.

In a league where consistency is extremely challenging - roster turnover, injuries, draft structure, age, pay grades, etc - he has been able to provide winning at an uncanny rate. Can you imagine trying to unify a bunch of immature millionaires year in, year out?  In most cases at least 30% being new at the start of each season - it's simply fascinating.  If you are NOT learning from this guy you are missing an amazing opportunity.  Here's a few things he does better than anyone I've ever seen...

  1. He is a maximizer - He has guys playing to their peak potential and most times better than they really are.
  2. He is a motivator - He has guys believing they are better than they really are.
  3. He is a builder - He has built a culture that expects winning and EVERYONE (players, opponents, fans, etc) feels it.

We need to continue getting inside the mind of this guy because there is simply to much to learn - truly remarkable.

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