The DV Weekend Pickup #30

The second ever documentary to hit The DV Weekend Pickup series. If you love wine or just want to know a little more about it then I highly suggest checking out...

SOMM: Into The Bottle by Jason Wise

What I like best:  It is approachable for anybody and everybody.  Whether you are a wine expert or novice it is likely to be an enjoyable 90 minutes of your time.  SOMM sets up to answer two basic questions - 1) What is wine? and 2) Why does it matter?  You'll meet master sommeliers, wine historians, and key figures in the wine industry as you go on a world journey discovering wines most important regions, vineyards, and anecdotes.  The information is presented under the "10 Stories About Wine" format (making it very easy to take in.)

  1. The Winemaker
  2. The Vintage
  3. The History
  4. The Wars
  5. The New World
  6. The Cost
  7. The Barrels
  8. The Point Scores
  9. The Sommelier
  10. The Memory

You can find it on Netflix. Check it out this weekend and as always let me know what you think!

Best idea:  What really goes into each and every bottle of wine?  There is simply so much more than meets the consumers eye. 

Crush the day!