Rule #2...AVOID "These" Scenarios

It can be said that way #2 - AVOID at all cost "customer getting back to you" scenarios is just an exclamation point on way #1 in The Best Way(s) to Keep the Ball in Your Court hence the "way(s)." Quite simply though YOU need to be the one following up - always - IF you want to keep the train on the tracks. Do this within the boundaries!

We created boundaries when we set rules. We NEED boundaries to allow us to reduce follow up tension. Customers and prospects do NOT like tension. Tension is bad. When they sense it they will say "let me get back to you", "I need to check my schedule", orrr "dude, are you serious?" Ohhh yeah, I've been there nottt a fun place to be, ha! Just keep it simple.

Create boundaries. Reduce tension. Stay in control.


Don't be this guy, ha!

Don't be this guy, ha!