Boost Sales Today With This Actionable Concept

Today I wanted to share with you a track pulled directly from Track 10 - You Win, I Win Solutions in my audio groundupSALES: It's A Mindset. Something we should all implement before the week is out. It's only Thursday people, eyes off the weekend, ha!

"You have to enjoy solving your customer’s problems and take pride in being able to present solutions that work for them. If you don’t enjoy solving your customer’s problems then groundupSALES is not the right model for you. You can never, ever let the lure of immediate financial gain cloud your vision when presenting solutions to customers or prospects.
One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from legendary motivational speaker Jim Rohn, “You want more, give more.” This is a pivotal concept that lies within all groundupSALES principles. Give more time. Give more energy. Give more of your finances. Give more thought. It applies literally to You win, I win solutions. If you want more yes’s then you need to simply give more. Provide tailored solutions based on actual needs, not based on assumed needs. The pivotal difference here is actual based on assumed. I am sure we’ve all heard the adage breaking down the word assume – a-s-s/u/m-e – when you assume you make an ass of you and me, this couldn’t more true. Assuming is a lot like expecting which we discussed greatly with the poison pill of entitlement. Often times this leads to premature product pitching, pitching wrong products all together, and overall poor awareness which we’ll discuss later as the most important aspect of timing.
This all culminates into big, fat no’s! You need to give more of your time, focus, and energy to those customers to find out their actual needs IF you want yes’s. "

The best part about giving first, putting your customer first, and providing solutions based on actual customer needs is that they actually want them! Therefore you've significantly increased your chance of a yes. If your interested in hearing more on You Win, I Win Solutions then download the audio - it's FREE.

Stay positive and crush the day!


You want more, give more.

You want more, give more.