I Love the Past BUT I'm Sticking with the Future

When we're with family or friends why is that all we talk about is the past? "Hey man, do you remember the time..." or "we use too..." - c'mon we ALL do it. The funniest part is we can embellish (outright lie at times) the past to make it sound better than it actually was, ha. The tale is always growing! Why? Most people weren't even there so if it sounds like it could have been true it probably was, right? The people that were there, they want to make it sound better than it was because after all, they were there man, ha! Silly, but true. Either way people seldom call you out on the past.

"The past is a nice place to visit, but I certainly wouldn't want to live there." - Anonymous

What happens when we speculate about our future with friends or family? "In 2 years I am going to be..." or "next year we'll..." - c'monnn think about it. Everything is the exact opposite when we talk about the future. Maybe there's a shaking of the head, a "yeah okay", or somebody plain out trying to shut you down. People always assume were lying about the future. And just forget about trying to embellish? You know talking about those BIG dreams and BIG goals. Absolutely can't happen, ha!

I'm not suggesting we should stop reminiscing about the past because it has a time and place. Heck, I love it! However, maybe, just maybe we should give more reverence to our future. Personally I'm doubling down on it.