The DV Weekend Pickup #12

The Dip by Seth Godin

What I like best: The author for one, but you already know that. It's his third book that's been featured in the DV Weekend Pickup series.  This book takes on a taboo subject, quitting. Through the years quitting has been viewed as a loser's move. Seth contends, "the old saying is wrong - winners do quit and quitters do win."  Losers either fail to stick out the right dip or never find the right dip to conquer.  Winners quit fast, quit often, and quit without guilt.  In fact, it's the superstars who know how - quit the best - escape dead ends quickly while still maintaining their motivation and confidence.   Superstars chose (on purpose and will continue to do so) a field with a steep dip - a barrier to those who try and those who succeed. They've got to get get through that dip to the other side but they believe they can.  This isn't for everyone. If it were there would be no superstars.  But this isn't a book about superstars, being best in the world, or losing.  It's about the dip. 

"If it's worth doing, there's probably a dip." - Seth Godin

Ah so what's the dip?  The dip is that long slog between starting and mastery.  The dip happens right after the honeymoon stage of any new endeavor.  The dip is the set of artificial screens to keep people like you out.  It's the garage band playing to an empty club in the middle of nowhere. It's the difference between beginners luck and real accomplishment.  It's any rough patch, bureaucracy, or busywork you have to deal with en route to your big goal. The dip is where success happens.  "The dip creates scarcity; scarcity creates value," says Seth. The dip (the book) teaches you how to use the dip (the theory) in order to know when to stick it out and when to quit. 

Best Quote: "The essential thing to know about the dip is that it's there. Knowing that you're facing a dip is the first step in getting through it."