Most Important Quality of a Restaurant ISN'T the Food?

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of dining at Girl & The Goat, the flagship restaurant of former Bravo Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard. The new American Chicago eatery has been open 6 years and it was easy to understand the buzz. I don't give astounding reviews often but I applaud G&TG. Surely I went for the food which was both adventurous and delicious. I mean whether it was the kohlrabi salad, duck tongues, goat belly, lamb shank, charred vegetables, octopus, pot de creme - not ONE dish fell short.

Above all though it was the service that was most impressive to me. Maybe it was the complimentary cocktail or knowledge of the food. Possibly the recommendations on how many dishes to actually order or what order to bring the dishes out. Or maybe their energy and personalities - it was all spot on. They just cared and it showed. Kudos to you G&TG staff.

I went in for the food and I'll go back for the service. I think this is a great reminder of a lesson we all know but at times neglect. Service matters in a BIG way and GREAT service is memorable.

Crush the week!