Yes, yes - today is my birthday. They tell me this one is a milestone, the big 3-0. Yup, 30. The funny thing is I don't feel much different than I did yesterday when I was 29. I did notice a few gray chest hairs this morning so that was a bit concerning. I noticed a few more wrinkles over the past year or two but I guess I have you to thank for that, making me laugh/smile all the time. Honestly, I was kind of happy I turned 30 because people don't listen to anyone in their 20's so I kind of needed it to happen quickly, ha.  On a more serious note...

I appreciate ALL of your support. I wanted to THANK every single person who has made the first 30 years of my life memorable and the rest of my life possible.  Whether it was heartache or jubilee - I am thankful for it all - everything has led me to this point. So here's to all of you.

I am eternally grateful, THANK YOU.

Crush the day!