The DV Weekend Pickup #22

Just Listen by Mark Goulston

What I like best:  Dr. Mark Goulston is a prominent present day psychiatrist who's had a ton of critical acclaim throughout the course of his career. This book has already made a substantial impact in my life and I just finished it two weeks ago, ha.  So much so, that I am adopting and doing further reading on a few of the strategies so I can confidently implement them into groundupSALES - that's how impactful. 

I don't typically suggest books until I let things sink in a bit. However, this book has to much value ($10 on Amazon) with actionable techniques, strategies, and tips to improve your communication skills.  A skill that ALWAYS requires refining and improving. We are almost never as good as we think we are at communicating. So let me repeat that, communication skills ALWAYS need to be refined and improved. Excellent communication skills are the foundation of diplomacy, problem solving, and comprehension - among many other things.

As Dr. Goulston says, "Do you ever feel like your talking to a brick wall?" If you want to be heard then you need to breakthrough - whether they are the cynical colleague, overwhelmed spouse, or a furious customer. This book tackles that plus much, much more.  Pick it up and let me know what you think!

Best Quote:  "Perceiving is believing. Misperceiving is deceiving. And worst yet, it prevent's achieving."

Crush the day!