The DV Weekend Pickup #24

All Marketers Are Liars by Seth Godin

What I like best: If you follow me at all then you know what I like best...Seth Godin, ha! You can't take the title of this book literally though. Seth is being slightly satirical and because of that it's original release misaligned the public to the messaging of the book. Which is why he later changed the name to All Marketers Tell Stories in a re-release years later. "All marketers are storytellers. Only the losers are liars," says Godin. So what he really meant was authenticity is the key and we believe things we want to believe. Or as puts it, "many things that are true are true because you believe them." 

So ultimately this book is about how great marketers tell stories and even more importantly how they tell stories to people who have the same worldviews. Making authenticity and targeting two very important qualities. Which is the exact reason you can get $80,000 for a Porsche and $36,000 for a Volkswagen that's largely made with the same parts or why people pay $3 for a bottle of Fiji water.

Whether you're trying to market yourself, a company, product, or service - doesn't matter - the principles are the same. This book will show and prove you that. As always, pick it up! Let me know what you think.

Best quote: "We drink the can, not the beverage."

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