The DV Weekend Pickup #25

In honor of the NY Giants upcoming season I thought it was perfect timing for this book...

Earn the Right to Win: How Success in Any Field Starts with Superior Preparation by Tom Coughlin

What I like best:  Although Coach Coughlin is no longer with the team he has been cemented in G-Men lore forever. The principles displayed in this book are exactly why that is the case. They are also the primary reason why he is two-time Super Bowl winning head coach. He stresses the importance of preparation starting with self-analysis and how preparing to excel starts while nobody is watching!

If you want a book that punches you in the face with preparation techniques then look no further. "This is not a football's a systematic approach to life," says Coughlin. Making this book applicable to everyone hence the title.  It's an easy read as he shares untold stories about his past players like Michael Strahan, Fred Taylor, Tony Boselli, Justin Tuck, Doug Flutie, and Eli Manning. You will also learn the importance of "Coughlin time" or 5 minutes earlier which most Giant's fans already are familiar with, ha! I love his thought/technique on how to anticipate obstacles and future situations - SO enviable. Pick it up this weekend and PREPARE yourself to crush the last four months of the year!

Best Quote:  "We learned there was a purpose behind his system. He didn't enforce the rules because he wanted to catch people and punish them but rather to make sure everyone was committed to the same purpose." - Michael Strahan

Crush the day!