5 Quick Ways To Improve Your Day

Most of us already have our eyes on the weekend.  Believe me, I get it - your mindset is saying, "ah I'm halfway there."  We love the weekend because the perception of "free" time, no bosses, and time to relax. I'll challenge you to adjust that mindset. Why? Because continuing with this mode of thinking would mean we'd have to live 71% of our life unhappy, stressed, and caged up?  Let's say we're fortunate enough to live until 100 that means we'd only live 29 "satisfied" years.  I know, I'm sorry but I HAD to take there, ha!  It's the truth!  We can change this though by improving our daily attitude.  Here's 5 quick ways to do just that...

  1. Make somebody else feel important (show appreciation, give more than you expect to get, and call people by their first name.)
  2. Make yourself feel important (look important, think your work is important, feel important, etc. - you are what you think you are!) 
  3. Put excitement into every greeting (handshakes, hellos, etc. - we all know and FEEL the difference.)
  4. When you're bored ask more questions (next time you learn something new, pay close attention to how passionate you are when you talk about it - best way to get interested is to BE interested.)
  5. Only talk about GOOD news (I know this is a challenge but try it, you'll see!)

At the very least, try ONE of these today, if it doesn't "work" then you can call me on BS, ha!

Crush the day!