The DV Weekend Pickup #29

Originals by Adam Grant

What I like best:  Three months back I blogged about this books corresponding Ted Talk by author, Adam Grant.  However the book was so enjoyable and it simply deserved it's own feature.  Grant is both the youngest tenured and highest rated professor (5 years running) at the renown Wharton School of Business - which should be important message all in itself!

In Originals, Grant tackles the question, what makes up an original?  A non-conformist or "shaper" who tackles new ideas, challenges status quo, and moves the world by poking the box.  "It's a myth that originality requires extreme risk taking - original people are actually far more cautious than we realize," suggests Grant. 

The plethora of real life examples - politics, business, sports, etc - is what really makes the book so fun to read.  Whether it's saving Seinfeld from getting cut, investing/creating billion dollar companies, or the floor level employee challenging the almighty Steve Jobs.  Interestingly these people all seem to have a few things in common - they are quick to start but slow to finish, they have fear and doubt, and they've had lots of bad ideas.  He also gives his claims plenty of backbone through the usage of many clever studies.  At 336 pages, it's a bit longer for a non-fiction of this genre but I assure you it doesn't read that way.  Highly recommended.  As always pick it up - let me know what you think!

Best Quote:  "Argue like you're right and listen like you're wrong." 

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