The DV Weekend Pickup #26

Relentless by Tim Grover

What I like best:  For those of you who don't know Tim Grover is the man who privately trained Michael Jordan for 15 years and then Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade (just to name a few.)  Yup, the man these legends relied on to get coached up on their "legendary" mindset's. Further proving a completely different point but one I'd like to highlight - everyone requires support!  These all-time greats or "cleaners" (as Grover calls them) didn't go to him because he knew more about physical training. They went to him because he instilled the mindset they needed to be unstoppable.  Relentless DEFINITELY hammers home - mindset matters - more than anything!

Grover shares stories on exactly what these past players were willing to do day in, day out.  You will learn the differences between a cooler, closer, and cleaner - a point Grover never let's you forget. If you are looking for a how to book then this probably isn't your best option. The book tends to be more conceptual as opposed to tactile. Either way it's fun too crawl inside the mind of a man who spent a lifetime 1 on 1 with the most envied NBA players of all-time. As always pick it up - let me know what you think!

Best Quote: "The fact is, you can't train your body - or excel at anything - before you train your mind. You can't commit to excellence until your mind is ready to take you there. Teach the mind to train the body."

Crust the day!