An Amazing Display of High Quality Consistency

In case you're living under a rock Game of Thrones season 6 premiered this week. The wildly popular, for good reason, TV show kicked off in true Thrones fashion by killing off characters, introducing new ones, and keeping everyone on their toes - again! I say "again" with purpose because of how incredibly consistent the writing (and acting) has been throughout each season. Typically my biggest knock on any of these super TV series are that the writing falls off after season 1 or 2 albeit most times slowly but surely. A 6 season TV series means close to 60 hours of material vs say one movie which is only 2 hours of material. It is just incredibly hard to churn out hours of HIGH QUALITY material with tight plots. Thrones does it - consistently!

As always it makes me consider and correlate this on a personal level. We all write and tell our own life story on a daily basis. What IS our story? Are we consistent with our thoughts, actions, and words? Are they all in harmony? How consistent are we at telling that story? Have we lost the audience?