A Memoir by The Minimalists

DV Weekend Pickup #44

Everything That Remains by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

A memoir written by two guys in their early thirties, uh, what?  Well, mostly just one guy Fields Millburn but typically memoir's are reserved for the later years in ones life.  Oddly, it works, mainly because he is so gifted with the pen.  Everything That Remains forces you to answer the all important question...

"Love people, use things.  The opposite doesn't work."

...what if everything you ever wanted isn't actually what you want? 

Over the last 4 years these two really have caught steam with over 4 million readers to their blog, Netflix documentary, and a tremendous story.  

Fields Millburn was living the American dream, big corporate job, huge home, tons of money, many things, and a lot of stuff.  Accompanied with the less talked - loads of debt, high pressure, crappy relationships, and no time - that goes along with it.  He proceeds to go through a particularly tough year losing both his mother and marriage.  He falls on minimalism, leaves his six-figure job, pays of all his debt, and becomes a writer...

"The things you own end up owning you."

...this is a story about Everything That Remains.  Minimalism is an interesting concept that focuses NOT on owning nothing, but asking yourself the question...does this thing bring value to my life?

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