Easy Way to MULTIPLY Your Income

Miss me? Okay, okay so maybe you didn't even realize I took the weekend off. As I promised last week I wanted to touch on the first tip "reduce your debt" of last Thursday's post - 3 MASSIVE Ways to Improve The Way You Wake Up Tommorow. Why is reducing debt so important to waking up happier?

  1. Tremendous stress reliever.
  2. During the process it will encourage you to NOT create more debt (naturally, right?)
  3. The progress of dwindling balances will inspire you to be more aggressive with your debt reduction strategy (larger payments = sense of accomplishment.)
  4. Debt reduction is the easiest way MULTIPLY your current income (debt free is the goal.)

I love benefit number 4! Who doesn't love HUGE raises? It enables you to be able to travel more, invest more, give more, etc. Formulate a debt reduction strategy and start reducing debt TODAY. Wake up happier TOMORROW.