groundupSALES: It's A Mindset - Now Available for Download!

No more waiting! groundupSALES: It's A Mindset is available for download! You can download my flagship audio for FREE! 

Please I encourage you to share with family, friends, colleagues, strangers - anyone, everyone! After all aren't we all in sales - doctors sell patients on a remedy, parents sell their kids on vegetables, spouses sell each other sh*t all the time, you sell your boss on why you deserve the promotion - the scenario's are literally endless. You wake up everyday trying to sell somebody something making groundupSALES: It's A Mindset applicable for anybody! Of course if you're actually in a sales career or own a business then you depend on selling to survive. It is the definitive resource for early stage entrepreneurs, young professionals, and college students. This is YOUR foundation.

Enjoy, share, and thank you! 



1.  Introduction (5:12)

2. Honesty (4:45)               

3. Passion (3:26)

4. Preparation (6:11)

5. Vulnerabilty (4:00)

6. Build Trust (4:44)

7.  Positivity (5:49)

8. The Poison Pill (3:57)

9. The 80/20 Principle (5:06)    

10. You Win, I Win Solutions (7:21)

11.  Think Long Term (5:30)

12.  Timing is Everything (6:02)

13.  Be Resourceful (4:05)

14.  Confidence (6:16)

15.  Conclusion (4:56)