Quickest Way To Lose An Audience Of One

Over the weekend I came across this tabloid article about Kelly Ripa throwing Michael Strahan under the bus live on air regarding his past divorces. Much has been made in the media regarding the recent riff between the two since Strahan's announcement to move on from Live! to a full time spot on Good Morning America. She is making her feelings of hurt and betrayal known through a series of low blows and unflattering actions. Only time will tell if this will or will not affect Ripa's future endeavors or image. Chances are she'll hire great PR people and in time it will all go away EXCEPT for one person, her next co-host. It would be impossible for him/her to not have this in the back of their mind especially at first sign of any adversity between the two.

I couldn't help but take this as an opportunity to remind us that we must win and LOSE gracefully. It shows character and real concern for your audience. In the real world with only you as your PR being a sore-loser guarantees you nothing except MORE losing and a bad reputation. The hard reality we all face is that we cannot control everything despite our efforts. 

Losing is learning and learning is growing.