The DV Weekend Pickup #9

Let the love affair continue...

What To Do When It's Your Turn (And It's Always Your Turn) by Seth Godin

What I like best: As most of you know I think very highly of the author, Seth Godin, 21st century's brightest marketing mind. Check out this quick video to hear Seth explain the book's concept. By design - literally - the book is approachable for EVERYBODY. He uses bright colors, graphics, and short segments to make the book very easy to read. Although he does challenge your mind by delving into ideas like the problem with freedom as he states, "freedom is our problem and freedom is our opportunity."  If you don't enjoy deep thinking at times this book might be a struggle but I would still encourage you to give it a shot. The overall message is that important. Like Seth says, "the cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing." I was so fond of this book that last year I bought a copy for each one of my immediate family members for Christmas. In my mind it was the greatest gift I could ever give someone. A book that depicts in life nobody is going to be there to reassure you, that opportunity is everywhere, and you've been given a turn. So if you accept it and if you're thirsty enough the world is ready for you, more than ever before! 

Best Quote: "Things get much better when we internalize 2 truths - 1.) Nobody owes you anything (no, not even a thank you.) 2.) It is actually you who owes the world and denies it. You take up space (physical and emotional) so you better have something good to show for it."