The ONE Thing All Super Achievers Have In Common

Over the past year I kept asking myself the same question over an over. What is it exactly that set's super achievers apart from everybody else? We all have the same 24, 7, 365 - nobody gets more time. There has to be something. What is it? What makes them so great? After tons of reading, listening, and watching these super achievers over the past year I think I've finally found the answer!

Interestingly and simply it always boils down to ONE thing. Ask yourself this question - how big is the problem I am trying to solve? You see what most super achievers realize and what we should all realize is that doing small tasks require the same amount of brain power, energy, and focus as larger tasks. Spending time doing anything is the same amount of time no matter what you're doing. An hour is an hour. The only difference is what we choose to focus on during that hour. Solving small problems will yield small results. Super achievers are focused on solving the biggest problems which in return yield the biggest results!

You can be a super achiever in ANY line of work - employee or entrepreneur - doesn't matter. Spend your time focused on the BIG problems. Often times its the only difference.