What to Expect in 2017...and Thank you!

First, I wanted to thank and acknowledge all the subscribers (and viewers) who have supported me in 2016 and my apologies for the slower posting pace to end the year!  In 2017, I promise to give more...

  • The book review is going nowhere.  This blog will be primarily used for the book review (w/ an occasional update.)  I am toying with a new name, format, and day change.  Expect 40-60 reviews this year and #43 later this week.
  • I will be doing long(er) form sales article posting.  You will be able view those on LinkedIn.  They will be richer in content, a little lengthy(er), and more fun to read.  My first article Only Losers Rely on Luck to Increase Sales will be published early next week. 
  • For the first 13 weeks, every Tuesday morning (starting tomorrow) I will be posting a sales video on Facebook.  It is a re-release of each track from my audio last year with a little twist!
  • If you haven't already check out my new groundupSALES.com site.  2017 promises to be a big year for my sales training company. 
  • I am currently writing my 1st sales book.  It's too far out to talk about release dates but the manuscript will definitely be completed in 2017. 
  • Watch out for my gS Game Planners later this year.  This is a resource I ONLY created because I wanted it for my own personal use!  I will be doing one run of them later in the year for purchase.

Below are a few things I am considering but haven't convinced myself either way...yet.  Email me, contact me, whatever, if there is a direction you'd prefer, tell me!  Your input helps me drastically.

  1. My first online sales training webinar. 
  2. An offline sales seminar open to the public.
  3. Short(er) form motivational podcast or facebook/insta videos?

This is my intended lay out for 2017 BUT things are always liable change as the year progresses.  In fact, I would expect MORE!  As always stay positive and...

Crush the day!