Workout of a Sales Consultant

I've gotten so much positive feedback from last week's Diet Of A Sales Consultant post I figured ah, why not, let's share the workout regimen as well. Again let me provide a disclaimer that I am no fitness expert. I've simply used the trial and error (and minor injuries, ha) method throughout the years to land on the regimen below. Just like the diet I feel it is a HUGE contributing factor that keeps me performing at my best day in, day out. If you've been a reader since the beginning you got a glimpse at the benefits with 30 Minute's A Day? That's all? YUP! Time is of the essence so the shorter length workouts are ideal for a busy schedule. The key is in the consistency to make up for brevity - it's all you need!

My workout specifics:

  1. 30-45 minute workout time.

  2. Same schedule, on repeat (for now.)

  3. Low weight, low rest time (60 sec in between sets) and 3-4sets/10-15reps.

  4. No cardio necessary.

  5. Early AM start time - often as possible.

  6. Workout on near empty stomach - minimal food usually.

  7. Super set multiple exercises (I.e. lat pull downs super set w/ oblique crunches.)

  8. Same body part focus every other day - I am the only person I know that does this but it's a real maximizer for me - I love it.

  9. Do push-ups or pull-ups during any spare time at the gym (I.e. waiting for machine, etc.)

  10. Good music is an absolute must!

My workout schedule:

Day 1 - Abs, Chest, Tri's

Day 2 - Obliques (Abs), Back, Bi's

Day 3 - Chest, Tri's

Day 4 - Obliques (Abs), Back, Bi's

Day 5 - Off

Day 6 - Abs,  Shoulders, Bi's

Day 7 - Obliques (Abs), Legs 

Day 8 - Shoulders, Bi's

Day 9 - Obliques (Abs), Legs

Day 10 - Off

Use at your own risk! Feel free to reach out to me with questions or suggestions. Although I will warn you I can be quite stubborn, ha!