Youth's Mouse Trap: The Power of Role Models

Recently I have been considering rejoining Facebook so I had to recover my old account. I haven't been on the social media platform for almost 7 years. Yes, exactly, it was freaking scary! You go look at conversations, photos, and posts you made 7+ years ago, not exactly flattering, ha! Anyway I got over it pretty quickly. I mean without my experiences in those years I would most likely never be the person I am today. It did get me thinking though if there was one thing holding me back then from growing into this person sooner, what was it?

I truly believe it was the lack of and willingness to follow the right role models. When I was younger my aspirations didn't necessarily align with the true representation of my being. The things that appealed to me then seem almost meaningless now. My role models weren't role models they were friends stuck in the same rat race. I was too focused on immediate gratification with a high level of neglect for my future. Although at the time it didn't feel that way, looking back now, it was indeed the case. I was playing with youth's mouse trap. I got lucky though, see when you chase the cheese and your tail gets caught it prevents you from going anywhere or growing! I get it though it's the natural maturation process but only for those who luckily navigate the trap. What about the people who got caught in that trap? Sadly they are still stuck.

This is precisely why I believe in the power of role models. Role models are people who are doing and have done what you desire to achieve. Role models come in ALL forms - colleagues, coworkers, family members, authors, super achievers, entrepreneurs - anybody who has had or is having the success in their life you desire. It is not weak, shameful, or "not cool" to follow, lead, and model your life after somebody else's. In fact it is the complete opposite. It is courageous.

Find the people who exemplify the life you want and the success level you desire. Engage with them, learn from them, and use their wisdom and experience to compliment your own.

Please don't be afraid to engage with me, leave comments, give feedback - good dialogue is my oxygen!