Doug has helped transform ReProject into a company set-up to win long term. He has challenged us to continually clarify our message and refine our sales process. In doing so, we’ve significantly improved our market position. I wish we met even sooner.
— Sean Gilshannon, Managing Partner, ReProject LLC
   "Your Primary Objective should Always be to leave the customer better off in the end."

"Your Primary Objective should Always be to leave the customer better off in the end."

Why me? I will help you gain control, relieve pressure, and get more clients.

Small business owners are under tremendous pressure. Pressure to keep the lights on. Pressure to pay their employees. Pressure from their spouses. Pressure, pressure, pressure. And, often they’re left wondering why am I even doing this.

You likely started your business because you enjoyed doing whatever you’re doing. Or, maybe you were just really good at what you do. Either way, you didn’t start your business to sell your services. You started it to perform your services, do what you enjoy, and help people.

Most of my clients are true experts at what they do, but they struggle articulating, selling, and positioning their unique expertise to the rest of the world. And, this lack of clarity ends up costing them customers, revenue, and business opportunities.

What to expect? A fully customized Strategic Selling Plan™ that will:

 ✔︎  Allow you to clearly communicate what you do to the world.

 ✔︎  Give you streamlined focus on one key objective to support daily tactics.

 ✔︎  Provide you an accountable way to track and measure performance.

 ✔︎  Position you in a meaningful and differentiated way that converts customers.

 ✔︎  Show you key tactics to maximize and leverage resources like time, energy, and money.

I use a simple but unique process to achieve this quickly:

Step 1: Analyze - Evaluate existing business landscape.

Step 2: Optimize - Address any imminent problems.

Step 3: Innovate - Build a new sales strategy.

Step 4: Execute - Use effective tactics that support.

Things make a lot more sense when they're stripped down to their core. I didn't say it was easy. I said, it was simple. And, I firmly believe simplicity is the secret.

Everything you do should be done with the end outcome in mind, while focusing on the process to increase reproducibility. Simplicity enables reproducibility, and aids higher performance, which is why we will always strive for it.

The first step is just a free 30-minute strategy session to determine if we're a good fit for each other.