Doug is truly one of a kind. He practices what he preaches and his ability to relate with people is unrivaled.
— Nick Meguerditchian, Owner of Subway-Franchises

My main objective is helping you develop and execute a sales strategy to bridge you from your current situation to your desired situation. I have one motto, "Always leave the customer better off in the end." It's the pillar of what I teach and how I perform.

I focus on the most practical strategies, tactics, and methods to help you increase sales revenue. In fact, all sales growth stems from three simple buckets:

  1. Get more customers
  2. Get customers to pay you more
  3. Get customers to buy from you more often

Things make a lot more sense when they're stripped down to their core. I didn't say it was easy. I said, it was simple. And, I firmly believe simplicity is the secret.

Everything you do should be done strategically with an end outcome in mind, while focusing on the process to increase reproducibility. Simplicity enables reproducibility, which is why you and I will always strive for it.


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