One Rule: Write your email in six sentences or less. Here are two tips: 1) Use hyperlinks to direct me rather than tell me and 2) Skip the opening line, “Hope all is well.”

What should you reach out about? Anything. Unless you’re mean or angry. Okay, here are some suggestions.

  • Questions - Yes, yes, and yes. I love to hear from readers. Please reach out.

  • Writing - Have a collaboration idea? Great, share it. I am open to guest blogs, unique projects, and column opportunities. I am NOT an editor or ghostwriter.

  • Media - Of course. I’m always open to interviews, readings, and event opportunities. All details available upon request including past interviews, sample Q&A’s, media kit, etc.

  • Speaking - I currently have talks designed for both my books–The Gap or The Salesperson Paradox. All details available upon request including testimonials, speaking demo, etc.

  • Consulting - I still do some sales consulting, but this is very limited. Maybe you’re thinking, “Wait–but what do you do?” Good question. In short, I evaluate your sales process, strategy, messaging, objectives, systems, and tools. I find out what you’re missing, what can be improved, and what you’ll need to move forward. I am NOT available to sell for you.

Are you ready to email me?