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An enlightening experience. Doug’s principles should be practiced and perfected by everyone, regardless of their background or experience in sales.
— Steve Lanzit, B2B Sales Manager

I’ve been in technical sales for 34 years and found Doug to have a fresh look at the sales process.
— Jeffrey Comen, B2B Sales Professional

Doug was one of the most passionate speakers I’ve seen in awhile. It’s refreshing to see someone who truly cares about their work.
— Alex Ferro, Real Estate Agent

A must for every sales professional.
— Craig Lawrence, Medical Device Sales Professional

Doug delivers a simple yet impactful system to develop the foundation of professionalism.
— Jon Bossio, B2B Sales Professional

An eye-opening experience. Doug has a track record of success, and he has a sales method that is reproducible. I look forward to see where he is in 10 years.
— Ryan Delaquintana, Medical Device Sales Professional

Doug’s seminar is insightful to even the most seasoned sales reps. It’s simple, strategic, and based off empirical data.
— Tarek Abdelmeguid, B2B Sales Professional

Whether you’re a salesperson or a business owner, you’ll take a lot out of Doug’s seminar. I really enjoy the passion when he speaks.
— John Selca, Medical Device Sales Professional

Doug is very passionate about his work—great seminar! Sign me up for the next event!!
— Nicole Martins, Direct Sales Professional

Doug’s successful career in sales speaks for itself. His knowledge and passion for his work is an inspiration. Watch this man closely; he will become a star
— Anthony Pezza, Owner of AP Industries LLC

Doug has an excellent positive outlook on life, and he allows that energy to transcend both personally and professionally.
— Adam Krinsky, COO Med Sales Force

Doug installed and rewired my intensity and mentality, and made me self-reflect on becoming the person I want to be.
— Mitchell Martinez, B2B Sales Professional

Doug provided an awesome interactive seminar. He truly cares about his work and what he preaches. His passion for his work definitely shows.
— Michael Ugan, B2B Sales Professional

Doug provides rich, in-depth, detailed information on obtaining a different mindset for sales and creating solutions for your customers.
— Adam Devine, Real Estate Agent

Doug is truly one of a kind. He practices what he preaches and his ability to relate with people is unrivaled.
— Nick Meguerditchian, Owner of Subway-Franchises