The Gap ⎟Book Talk

A talk based on, The Gap, that will help you know who to turn to, what to watch out for, and what to focus in a world overflowing with competing information. It will help you learn, grow, and explore in a noisy world. The Gap is the little space between what you know and don’t know. It’s a small thing that amounts to everything. Maybe you’re thinking, the Gap doesn’t feel little at all. It feels big and intimidating. But it’s the commitment to closing the Gap that makes it small. It’s the realization that growth occurs little by little, chunk by chunk, and iteration upon iteration. It’s about understanding what you desire is only achievable through small increments. So what you’ll learn are the real barriers, blind spots, and hidden forces that prevent you from closing the Gaps in your life. These obstacles will begin to resemble opportunities for you to start narrowing the Gaps in your life.

*Ideal for schools, organizations, and groups looking to improve critical thinking skills.

The Salesperson Paradox ⎟Book Talk

A talk based on, The Salesperson Paradox, that will help you provide solutions that acquire more customers, retain more customers, and position you for future customers. We don't really buy products and services. We buy solutions to our problems. We know what we want, and we buy what we want. Our limitless access to information and demand for transparency has made learning, how to provide solutions customers actually want to buy, more necessary than ever before. This talk will teach you a framework to create and provide buyable solutions.

*Ideal for B2B sales, retail sales, customer service, business owner groups, or entrepreneur events.

Here’s me speaking. The video is, eh, but the talk is, aah.


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