An enlightening experience. Doug’s principles should be practiced and perfected by everyone, regardless of their background or experience in sales.
— Steve Lanzit, B2B Sales Manager

Why this talk? 

Quite simply, this is how consumers just like you and I buy today. We don't really buy products and services. We buy solutions to our problems. We know what we want, and we buy what we want. Our limitless access to information and demand for transparency has only made learning - how to provide solutions your customers actually want to buy - more necessary than ever before. Great solutions are not isolated to your products or services. Yes, even inside an organization with sub-par products, disjointed support teams, and crappy management. You can still create great solutions. And, you need to because your customers are demanding them. This talk will show you how to provide solutions that acquire more customers, retain more customers, and improve word-of-mouth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Completely changed viewpoint of "selling."

  • CRINGE framework to provide great solutions.

  • Questions you need to ask yourself, not your customer.

  • Ability to add value you didn't even know existed.

  • Learn the best customer acquisition strategy ever.


15 minutes - 60 minutes

*One day workshops available upon request.


Next Step:

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Oh, and one last thing. I have three major goals for every speaking engagement:

    ✔︎  Be extremely easy to work with

    ✔︎  Deliver more value than anyone expects.

    ✔︎  Always have fun and respect your audience.

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