No's are BETTER than Nothing's

Selling with the fear of no being a response is no way to sell at all. We should embrace the NO and despise the NOTHING response. How many times have you left a sales process open ended with hope, no real response at all or simply just to avoid that painful word no? For me too many times to count, ha!

No's are good because they give you a great opportunity to learn, they give you an opportunity to understand your pitfalls, they give a definitive end to THAT process, and they lead to YES's!

Nothing's are bad because they lead you on, they waste your time, they crush your energy, and they prevent you from engaging a new process with the same customer or prospect.

We ask our customers and prospects to be honest with us yet we neglect being honest with ourselves. Consider this next time you say to yourself, "oh yeahh, my pipeline is FULL."

Embrace the No. Despise the Nothing.