I Could Have Done The Same Thing

For the majority of my 20's I noticed the words "I could have done the same thing" were constantly reoccurring in my subconscious. Sometimes backed with "If I only did this", "if I spent as much time on that", or "he/she is not that good anyway." What I was neglecting to realize - intentionally or unintentionally - was that I had been watching the world unfold in front of me instead of creating the world in front of me. If you can do it, do it. If you don't want to do it then why even say/think it. Shame on me. 

"I could have done the same thing" are the worst words we can ever tell ourselves ONLY to be trumped by the reasons/excuses we use to back this type of thinking. These words are cowardly NOT courageous. Admire and learn from the people/projects who have set the path for us and use the rest as motivation.

Don't watch others, act with others. Don't talk about others, talk with others. Don't dismiss others, engage with others.