How to Make the Right Reality-Based Strategic Decisions in a Fast-Moving World

DV Weekend Pickup #46

The CEO Who Sees Around Corners by Jay Abraham & Carlos Dias

If you want to learn how to truly optimize every resource available to you and navigate the lightening quick business world we're living in today then there may not be a better book available.  Abraham and Dias are both amazingly accomplished individuals and they do not hold back in this one.  

"It's not what you don't know that causes pain.  It's what you think you know that usually causes the most damage."

The book is carefully broken out into 4 equally essential parts - cognitive intelligence, emotional and social Intelligence, business and talent intelligence, and intellectual intelligence.  Abraham and Dias put a high emphasis on topics like self-awareness, continuous learning, and the ability to think divergently.  Driving home the point...

"We are hardwired to look at the world through our own perspective..."

...which makes it super challenging for leaders during these turbulent times. Simply relying on the good 'ole boys club, dubious assumptions, and old world skill sets are just not viable to make the critical decision necessary to navigate the current market.  

They point to glaring case studies of companies like - Circuit City, Borders, Kodak, LA Gear - and ask the question, "Was simply prominence enough for them?"  Every concept, model, and process is backed with real data and real examples making this a tremendous business resource. Abraham and Dias pull it all together with their solution for modern day leaders - Strategic Wealth Creation System:

  1. Plan an assess your current reality (from multiple perspectives)
  2. Focus on delivering Abraham's Strategy of Preeminence.*
  3. Create and execute a winning business strategy
  4. Test ways to optimize growth
  5. Sustain preeminence through continuous behaviors
  6. Align human resources all on the same vision

If you happen to pick this book up, I'd love to chat with you about it, and hear what you think.  As always don't hesitate to send me a message if you have questions or book suggestions.

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