STOP Asking For Permission

Apparently my personality type suggests that a quality of my person is that I often act then ask for forgiveness as opposed to asking for permission then acting. Although you can definitely play devils advocate in viewing this as a benefit. I will suggest we ALL should stop asking for permission - figuratively and literally. I watched a short Seth Godin interview this morning that helped me affirm this idea.  "All of us are surrounded by people who can't wait to get picked," says Godin. Encouraging us to just pick ourselves! If we continue to ask for permission we are forfeiting the POWER we have to disempower "gatekeepers." 

Over the years people have asked me, "do you think I should get into sales?" All I would say is that is totally up to you. It's not because I'm not interested, I don't want to help, or I don't care. In fact it's exactly the opposite. It just takes me back to my original point about permission. The people who are going to thrive and succeed in sales will despite my answer. 

No permission required. Stop asking. Start doing.


Pick me, pick me!

Pick me, pick me!