I am THANKFUL for...wait minute, I mean Happy Easter!

Okay, okay so I knew it wasn't Thanksgiving the whole time BUT being thankful is a notion and a blessing I think we should indulge in as much as possible! For me the holidays always seem to magnify this concept. Every year, every holiday makes me more and more appreciative of my family and friends. They provide me a platform to be who I am, support me in times of weakness, and INSPIRE me to be great.

Maybe your feelings aren't the same and that's okay! However if you put two feet on the ground this morning (which if you're reading this I know you did) and rolled out of bed then you surely have SOMETHING to be thankful for. Consider that something - whatever it is - today, tomorrow, and everyday! 

Being thankful is honest, honesty is vulnerable, and vulnerability is the first step on the bridge to greatness.


PS - This Easter joke never gets old to me. Love it, ha.