The GREATEST T-Shirt Ever

Who has heard of fashion brand American Giant? Okay, well if you haven't this will be quite the way to introduce them as a company. Bayard Winthrop, CEO, launched the brand in 2012 on one concept, creating the best hoodie in the world. Fast forward 4 years later and his director of design and merchandising Michelle Allen took an entire year to sample fabrics, study design prototypes, materials, and sewing techniques in order to create the greatest t-shirt ever made. "She told me she was willing to stake her entire career on this T-shirt," says Winthrop. Wow, quite the statement, talk about putting yourself out there. 

Is Michelle nuts for trying to tackle such a subjective item? Probably. Ambitious? For sure. She has done a few things I think we can ALL learn from. She took a hyper focus approach allowing her preparations and efforts to be singular. By doing this she has undoubtedly given herself the best chance to succeed. Even with a basic item like a T-shirt there is so much to consider when trying to be the GREATEST EVER. Most importantly she has created her own pressure to deliver - publicly and privately. Verbal proclamations come with expectations but will also yield tremendous accolades (if delivered on.) 

Shoot for the moon and if you miss you land among the stars, right? Maybe it's the best ever, maybe it isn't. The approach guarantees quality regardless. I applaud her. She has taken initiative and accountability for her work. Her confidence and commitment to vulnerability are admirable. 

I bought 3 t-shirts. Time to deliver, ha!