#2 - Steve Sims: The Modern Day Wizard of Oz

This week I have an energetic and down-to-earth conversation with Steve Sims. Steve is the founder of Bluefish, one of the top personal concierge services, and an expert marketer within the luxury industry. Some of Steve’s client requests include singing with a favorite rock star, being serenaded by Andrea Bocelli, walking the red carpet at A List Oscar parties, getting married in the Vatican, diving to the wreck of the Titanic, and becoming James Bond for a weekend. Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine have touted him, “The Real Life Wizard of Oz.” In short, he makes the impossible, possible. Steve creates experiences for his clients that they could never have imagined being possible. He’s “the guy” for billionaires, actors, musicians, and celebrities of all kinds. Some of which you’ll hear about in our conversation today.

Steve is also the bestselling author of BLUEFISHING: The Art of Making Things Happen, and sought-after consultant and speaker at a variety of networks, groups and associations as well as the Pentagon and Harvard – twice!

In today’s conversation I’ll ask Steve:

  • What lessons riding a motorcycle has taught him in business and in life? (3:53)

  • How did he end up in Hong Kong as a young man, and what happened there that would become the foundation for Bluefish? (10:17)

  • Who was the first person to give you your first big shot, and what was it? (24:53)

  • What was his most recent failure? (30:16)

  • How was the “Chug Test” born? (35:24)

  • What does a Tuesday look like for the modern day Wizard of Oz? (42:32)


You can get in touch with Steve by texting “uglysims” to 345345 or go to stevedsims.com.

Read Steve’s book, Bluefishing: http://bit.ly/ReadBluefishing

Watch Steve’s latest videos: http://bit.ly/WatchSteveSims


Obvious Adams by Robert R Updegraff: http://bit.ly/ObviousAtoms

Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss: http://bit.ly/StevesFavoriteBook

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