*I’ve included an excerpt from Pumpernickel & Peanut Butter below.

Are you weird? Maybe? Probably? It’s okay, we know you are.

Here’s the thing: we’re all a little weird. I’m just going to make the case that your weird could be the X factor in your life. I hope this will provide you with the nudge you need to embrace your weirdness in a world that wants you to be normal.

Here are few things you’ll learn:

  • 7 reasons why weird works

  • 3 strategies to find your weird

  • When does weird not work?

  • How to overcome challenges of being weird

  • What keeps you normal?

  • Is it possible to be too weird?

  • Does talent or luck level matter?

Of course, you’ll read about the pumpernickel and peanut butter bagel, along with many other examples to show you subtle nuances of weird. I use original charts like the ‘Lifespan of Weird’ to breakdown weird’s impact on the four quarters of your life. It’ll show you that if you’re courageous enough to compound your weird over a lifetime, then your weird will go from mocked to admired. Ultimately, you’ll pull ahead of the normal ones and wind up being remembered. P&PB is short, fun, and well, quirky!

Excerpt from P&PB

How it all began…

It’s August 11, 2018, and I’m standing in line at New York City’s best bagel shop. The tequila from last night isn’t making this easy on me. All I can see is person after person, no end in sight. The line behind me goes out the door, and each time it opens, I feel the heat radiating off the Manhattan streets. The combination of sticky air, the smell of the warm bagels, and the pitter-patter banter of patrons has me on edge. I feel like I’ve been waiting for three hours. Or maybe that’s just the tequila asking, “Hey, shit-for-brains, you plan on feeding me or what?”

Finally, the counter’s in sight. A big chalkboard menu hangs behind it. All the options are pre-determined and laid in fast-food style. Brainless operation, really. With each, “I’ll have Number 1, please,” “Number 4, please,” “Number 2, please” the line gets shorter, and I get more antsy. It can’t move much faster, though. The machine seems well oiled. The real agony is watching someone stutter out, “Num..Number...2…Wait, actually Number 3...No, no I’ll have a Number 2...Oh, but can you put the cream cheese on the side?” There I am, doing all I can to keep the tequila from screaming, “Are you fuckin’ kidding me? You waited in line for thirty minutes and you have no clue what you want?”

Forever later, I find myself standing in front of a young girl asking me, “So what would you like, sir?”

Those words feel like a Swedish massage. Without thought, I reply, “I’ll have a pumpernickel and peanut butter, please.”

The young girl working the counter looks at me like I have three heads, then yells back to her co-worker, “Do we have pumpernickel and peanut butter?”

It was like I’d stuck a wrench in one of the wheels, oil drained out, and that machine came to a screeching halt. The tequila wastes no time grabbing her attention: “I meant pumpernickel bagel with peanut butter on it!

“Ohhh, never heard of that. I think we can do it.”

I finally had the spirit to tell the tequila, “Relax, will ya!” So I apologize to the young girl for any abruptness. But now I’m left wondering, Is pumpernickel and peanut butter really that weird?

What is weird?

Well, first let me define the word weird as I see it. Weird is anything that’s not normal. Normal is the majority. Normal is what everyone else is doing. Normal is the standard way. Normal is the thing that ensures you’re relevant to the world. Normal is normal. We could get all politically correct, but stop it. We all know normal. When I talk about weird, I’m referring more to the adjective defined by Merriam-Webster as “of strange or extraordinary character.” It’s really important we’re on the same page; otherwise, everything you’re about to read will render itself useless. As you might be able to imagine, weird comes up a lot in this essay, and you need to know what I mean by it. So yes, by that definition, pumpernickel and peanut butter could be weird. But then again, so could a lot of things…


Okay, are you ready to get weird?

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