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Learn how to help not sell.

Are you selling your products or services? Or, are you helping solve a problem? Are you creating sellable solutions? Or buyable solutions? Douglas Vigliotti calls these CRINGE solutions. Solutions your customer will either buy or “cringe” to say no to.

They are not isolated to your products or services. They solve real problems. They provide loads of intangible value. They reduce social, emotional, and financial risk for the customer. They’re overwhelming easy to understand, use, and implement. They acquire more customers, retain more customers, and tell better stories. If that isn’t enough, your customers are demanding them.

The Salesperson Paradox is a solution selling playbook that will teach you a simple, reproducible, and proven method to consistently give customers what they actually want. And in return, help you get what you want.

Here’s what people just like you have said…

Vigliotti shares vital and robust pearls of wisdom to enable the reader to further leverage their own professional sales development.
— Adam Sewall, President, Waterleaf International LLC
As a small business owner who is constantly looking to provide more value to my clients this book was a lifeline.
— Mike Oberdick, Owner of Designs 4 The Web
The Salesperson Paradox has completely changed the way I look at sales...I can’t recommend this book enough.
— Dominick Nusdeu, Owner of MotionMechanix
Having worked in sales in the financial services industry for the past 17 years I’ve seen and learned a few things from dealing with bosses, clients and client’s clients that you simply can’t teach, until now.
— Sal Coppola Jr., Product Specialist, 17-years Financial Services Industry
Doug has created a modern classic for sales professionals...I will recommend it to all my clients and community.
— Chanelle Washington MBA, Owner of RadiantLivingBiz
Douglas Vigliotti does a great job of breaking down the psychology of sales. His simplistic but powerful tactics and teachings go far beyond selling.
— Marc Plano, Owner of The Plano Program
As a real estate agent with 8+ years of experience, The Salesperson Paradox was a true eye opener as it made me take a step back, reevaluate my entire approach, and sales tactics used day-to-day.
— James Wood, Real Estate Agent
A “must-read” for anyone new to sales, but also a great refresher for the 20-year sales veteran. It has many useful tools that any sales consultant can implement immediately to improve results.
— Keith A. Lawrence, Regional Sales Manager, Medical Device Industry
I really connected with the overall theme of this book, helping your customer instead of just selling to them....I plan to gift this book to my employees and share it with friends.
— Enzo Valentino, Owner of Valentino Tailors
Everyone in customer service should read this book, from business owners to sales reps. I will be buying multiple copies for my employees!
— Maria Ciarleglio, Owner of Subway-Franchises
We want simple, digestible concepts to take with us to implement and Doug delivers just that.
— Joshua Zelem, Financial Advisor, Charter Oak Wealth Management
A great read with some interesting perspective for anyone in sales or sales management.
— Lori Widelec, Sales Manager, Closet Factory
This is a great read for people ranging from rookies to veterans in the sales space.
— Chris Vagenas, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Recruiting Industry
I’ve sold higher-ed for over 10 years and Douglas Vigliotti’s key takeaways are industry transferable.
— Curtis Best MBA, President, Lee & Best Development Firm LLC
A must-read for any entrepreneur.
— Tassos D. Recachinas, Managing Member, Sophis Investments LLC