3 Thoughts Holding You Back

Sometimes making a short list of what not to do is more important than making a list of what to do. Tony Robbins has this theory that you can get motivated equally by love or hate challenging us to not shy away from "hate" and to actually use it. I find a similar correlation with not to do lists. So let's lean into these lists because often times they are better tools then their counterpart. I've created a short list of "not to do" thoughts that are potentially holding you back from growth, success, and winning. If I've already lost you and you don't believe me, then you probably are already committing yourself to thought #1 NOT to do. 

  1. Hokey Thinking - "Ah man that's not for me, that doesn't work, that's bogus..." - blah, blah, blah. This is the WORST thought we can have that is holding us back. I know you've thought it before, man so have I BUT we have to rid this thinking. Get over yourself and understand often times it takes commitment to the "hokey" things to move forward.
  2. Victim Thinking - "Why does this happen to me?...I ALWAYS get the sh*t end of the stick...They are so lucky." Sound familiar? Yup, we've heard it all before. This type of thinking gets us nowhere - fast! Play victim and we will lose consistently. Do it enough and you quite possibly will regress. Quicker we learn to BELIEVE and mentally accept - things don't happen to you, they happen because of you - the more accelerated our growth will be both personally and professionally.
  3. Can't Thinking - "That can't happen....I would, but I can't I just don't have the time....I can't do that, I don't have the personality for it." The possibilities are endless with this one. I know your probably rifling through every logical counter point in your head as your reading, I get it, getting rid of "can't" is hard to do. The truth is we live in a world today where you CAN do whatever you want. If you tell me you can't all that means is you don't want to do it bad enough. "Can't" is a BS word - sorry, it just is.

I know this list is kind of ruthless. Even my tone has been slightly ruthless but it's only because I care about you. Your mindset is yours to control. You have the power every day to choose the way you think. 

Crush the day!