The DV Weekend Pickup #20

Since this is the first ever documentary to be featured on the DV Weekend Pickup series the "best quote" section has been temporarily subbed out with "best idea." Read on...

(Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies by Yael Melamede

What I like best: The documentary is centered around the work of Dan Ariely, Duke professor of pyschology and behavioral economics who has dedicated his life to irrationality, more specifically why people are so irrational.  Ariely makes you laugh while talking about such a taboo subject - lying - one we all seem to engage in one way or another.  C'mon don't lie to yourself, ha. "It's human nature to lie, we all do it," says Ariely.  Him and a team of scientists uncover our propensity to be dishonest - sometimes unknowingly with years of experience, decades of groundbreaking experiments, and real life examples.

You'll hear from people like Tim Donaghy (the NBA ref who bet on his own games), Ryan Holiday (the PR guru who deceived millions to drive ticket sales for books and movies), Marilee Jones (the Dean of MIT admissions who was forced to resign from her role after 30 years), and many more interesting people as they tell their stories of lying. I would consider this the more sensational part of the documentary which keep's it balanced and fun to watch as opposed to just a data report on lying experiments. Highly entertaining and informative - strong 90 minutes of your time. The documentary can be found on Netflix. As always let me know what you think!

Best Idea: The ability to rationalize dishonesty has a great impact on our overall capability to lie and be dishonest. Additionally, the farther we distance ourselves from the lie, the easier it is to rationalize, hence increasing our propensity to lie.

*I find this really interesting. This could explain the modern phenomenon of social media lying, yes I mean we are so far from the people we are engaging with that dishonesty becomes easy for many.

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