A Critical Skill of The Sales Elite

Being average, above average, and good are obtainable without mastering this all important skill.  However if we want to be great or elite salespeople - which is our goal, right? - then we NEED to be able to do this skill without hesitation.  I don't care what our personality type's are or aren't and I definitely don't care if we're uncomfortable doing it, ha. 

That is we NEED to be able to have difficult conversations.  The conversations we don't want to have but have anyway.  The conversations where objections, rejections, and challenges are plentiful.  The questions we don't want to ask because we fear the answers but we ask anyway. 

Quite simply if we cannot have these conversations with our customers and prospects then "good" is our ceiling.  Sorry, it just is. All elite salespeople have difficult conversations, most have them daily, and none put this task on somebody else's shoulders.  We don't have to like having them, heck nobody does, we just have to have them.

Crush the day!