The Lesson Eli Manning Has Been Trying to Teach Me for 13 Years

All is right in the world!  The G-Men finally won a season opener against the 'Boys so yes there was much to celebrate, well, until next Sunday, ha!  Interestingly though what got me most excited was this moment of clarity I had...

For years fans, media, and general public alike would get on Eli Manning for bonehead plays (at times) in critical moments of a game - yup, the same people who revered him for his magical moments.  What I now realize (and have much greater appreciation for) is his ability to ACT INSTINCTIVELY.  A quality that is typically revered in the business vertical.

Acting instinctively is exactly what all our modern day leaders and successful entrepreneurs are preaching daily - keep firing, take the good with the bad, learn from your mistakes etc. The difference was people weren't watching the Steve Jobs or Richard Bransons of the world make their split decisions on national TV.  Understanding the same quality (truly believing what's possible and being curious enough try) that made you fail will also help you succeed!  To make the play, seal the deal, or solve the problem we must possess unwavering confidence and ACT INSTINCTIVELY.  This quality alone has the ability to showcase to the world OUR greatness.

For better or worse, Eli Manning has been trying to show me this lesson for 13 years. 

Crush the day!