A Thought On Time

Time is the most valuable thing in life, right? Wait...but why? Common thread would seem to suggest because it's definite and we never get more it. Doesn't that also suggest we are forfeiting control of our most valuable thing in life.

Surely, I never get today back but what about tomorrow, it's a brand new 24 hours to do whatever I want. Time is not a variable, it is a constant. Is that why it's so valuable? Or wait does that make it less valuable? I mean after all it is what it is.

Here's an interesting thought to consider. Place higher value on what you can control, the variable. Variable by you, ha. Consider the constant to make sense of it but don't worry about it. Like the amount of action you take, how happy or positive you are, etc. Looking at it this way may indicate that the variable is actually MORE valuable to the equation, right?

Which could also be a reminder not to take things out of context BUT that's whole 'nother thought! Haha.

Crush the day!