What About The Giants?

As of yesterday I took the giant leap...I cancelled my cable, ha. I know it might not seem like a big deal and it probably isn't. If you've always had cable though, it's a weird feeling releasing control of the option. I am choosing the unknown as opposed to the known.

The benefit of ridding myself with time wasting, low value TV watching was just too great to ignore. Yes I still place high value on the entertainment I get from HBO/Showtime series but with modern technology you can still watch through a variety of different streaming options. 

And what about the Giant games this year? Interestingly when I stopped looking at this as a problem, I saw it more as a solution. Although I can't watch the Giant games at home it forces me to go watch them somewhere, engage with like minded fans, and enhance my enjoyment. Prior I would take the easy road, well because it was easier. 

Force your own hand. Remove temptation. Reduce options. Create a breakthrough.