ABC...More like ABR, Always Be Reminding!

In the legendary sales movie Glengarry Glen Ross, Blake (Alec Baldwin) is famous for teaching his young constituents to "always be closing."  Seems like a great idea, right?  Maybe, BUT I'm not crazy about the tension "closing" puts on a relationship so I prescribe to the ALWAYS BE REMINDING method.

Always be reminding means you continually REMIND your customers why they do business with you through your words, actions, and solutions.  They regularly need to know and feel why they're YOUR customer.

It means you consistently REMIND your prospects why they should be doing business with you through your words, actions, and solutions.  It means always be reminding EVERYONE of your character and value(s.)  Don't forget about your loved ones they too need constant reminders of why they LOVE you - they're your support system!

Reassurance is comforting.  Comfort is good for relationships.  Relationships are good for sales.

Happy Selling!