The Utimate Stress Relief

Lastly let's dig into the 3rd and final tip from - 3 Massive Ways to Improve The Way You Wake Up Tomorrow - prepare each day prior to going to bed. The trick is not to wait until morning - it's too late. Spend time listing EVERYTHING you need to do on a small sheet of paper. This is the mornings ULTIMATE stress relief.

  1. Wake up with an actual plan NOT an assumed plan. (Oh I'll try to get to this today - No, no, no, you will get to it today because it's planned that you will!)

  2. Provides tremendous amounts of certainty for what's a head tomorrow.

  3. Enables you to sleep better.

  4. Allows you to perform better.

  5. Gives you a quantifiable tool for that days progress.

Number 5 is HUGE because I believe progress to be the single biggest motivating factor for getting s**t done - consistently! Weight loss, yes's in sales, you name it - progress is what it's all about baby!

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" - Benjamin Franklin