The BEST Way(s) to Keep the Ball in Your Court

Have you ever been waiting for that prospect to call you back? Or had the "that sounds great, let me check my schedule" experience a customer gives you? C'mon you knowww the feeling. We've ALL been there! In your head your just like "dude I'm a human being, work with me here just give me something...No is better than nothing, right? Ha!

Here are TWO ways to stay in control and keep the process moving along.

  1. Set rules early in any engagement with a customer or prospect - DEFINE why you're there (even down to that particular moment), what your intentions are, and how you will be following up (work toward deadlines.)
  2. AVOID at all cost scenarios that require the customer or prospect "getting back" to you - you NEED to do the follow up - REMEMBER keep the ball in your court and control the process.

Check back in Monday and Tuesday as I break down these two "keep the ball in your court" tips further.