Congratulations to King James

Congratulations to "King" Lebron James on finally bringing a world championship to the city of Cleveland. I have not been the biggest Lebron supporter throughout the years but he played like a true champion in this entire series, I applaud him. He capped it off with a triple-double last night which is only the 3rd ever in the history of NBA Finals Game 7's. Truly admirable.

Had he not accomplished this achievement, successfully winning a championship in Cleveland he probably would have considered his career a failure, which is ludicrous.  Even being one of the top 10 basketball players to ever live, potential billionaire career, 4 time MVP, and all the accolades that come with it - simply his ultimate goal was not met. What this does though is give you a look into mind of a champion - determination, grit, and confidence. His goal was precise, absolute, and big. He was hyper focused even if it took him 13 years, a terrible "decision", two teams, multiple Finals appearances, build you up to tear you down media efforts, and the inevitable champion mindset internal pressures.

"A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor." - Anonymous

Let this be a stark reminder that often times our journey is not smooth, guaranteed, or written in stone. It's in that triumph where we experience life's greatest victory's. We become "King" of our castle.

Stay persistent, stay consistent, and crush the day!