The DV Weekend Pickup #14

DRIVE by Daniel Pink

What I like best: There's a lot to like about this book. You know a book is impactful when you haven't read it or even flipped through it in over 2 years but you still remember it so vividly. DRIVE is centered around challenging one major question, what is actually motivating us? Contending that carrot and stick motivation is dead and that humans actually have three major motivators - autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Pink does a great job providing real world examples as well as science to back his claims. My personal favorite is when Pink shows the example of Encarta, c'mon you remember Encarta, that software based encyclopedia that was vastly popular in the mid 90's. Asking us which encyclopedia we thought would have survived if asked then, Encarta or Wikipedia? It's obvious what happened in that dog fight. Autonomy, mastery, and purpose won out. That was just one example of a slew that Pink uses to illustrate his points. I will say that in the 6 years since this book hit the shelves I personally have seen or read about companies changing their culture to a more Motivation 3.0 mindset, which is inspiring for the future. Bottom line this book ranks high on my list of must read business books as it demystifies modern day motivation. 

Best Quote: "Control leads to compliance; autonomy leads to engagement."

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there. It suppose to be gorgeous weekend - at least here in the Northeast, ha. Get outside, be a kid, and enjoy it!