Uber Partners With Toyota

If you know me, you know I love Uber. Uber has been an enormously disruptive force in the transportation industry over the last 6 years. Since their birth they have blossomed with new ideas, slight innovations, and changes but most recently I came across this article citing their new partnership with Toyota. Uber was "modeling" the success of their competitors Lyft (partnered with GM) and Gett (partnered with Volkswagen.) Hm, interesting, sounds familiar.

Anyway this was a great reminder of the value in partnering. Business partnership is a great way to expand your reach, get referrals, and drive new business. Most importantly you provide additional value to your customers and/or employees. Being a good partner doesn't mean you have to put your partner first. Being a good partner means you have to provide value to your partner.

Okay so this might take a little thinking, but you can do it, I'm sure of it. Today brainstorm 3 potential business partners. Who can you provide value too that can also provide value to you back? Then reach out them and pitch the value of your potential partnership. This small activity could be the difference in additional 10k a year, a month, a day - who knows??